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Yes.... over 400 Corporates book this Amazing
'ESP' Show, repeatedly in 20 key Countries
spanning all across
Asia,  Far East,  Middle East,
UK,  Europe  &  N. America !!

A 60 minute Mystical  &  highly Enjoyable Experience !
Show for Motilal Oswal
                            Applauded as the 'Single Most Classy
     form of INTERACTIVE & Edu-taining Session' .... in Asia today !

The Show is structured to
delight Distinguished Gatherings
with stunning
Demonstrations in....
E S P,
Telepathy,  Tele-kinesis,

Premonition,  Intuition,  etc.

Show for Cable & Wireless
Show for ICICI Prudential - All India
The 'Extra Sensory Perception' Show !

Shock  &  Awe
Mature Edu-tainment !

A Perfect  'Ice-Breaker'
Total Audience Participation
and Interaction !

An Experience....
that is actually recalled
for years !
Show for Tanishq  ( Bangkok )
Show for ICICI Bank
         Perfect for......
              Kick-start Product Launches....
              Afternoon Conference Sessions....
              After-Conference Get-togethers....
              Entertaining Foreign Delegates....
  Show for Anchor-Panasonic
         Ideal for......
              Corporate Client-Meets....
              Annual Awards....
              Fund Raising Charity Events....
              Sophisticated Audiences....
Show for Western Union
Participants are Never
'Embarrassed or Discomforted'

it is an 'Experience of a Lifetime' !
audiences want to
take back home....
Show for Reliance Communications
Show for Airtel Broadband
....Event after Event,
Show after Show....
with Standing Ovations
being a regular feature !
Standing Ovation - A regular feature (At the Canara Bank Chairmans & Board of Directors Meet ! )

Yes, 400 Corporates book this amazing ESP Show !

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For Date Availability call  :  ( +91 - 22 )  2446 4708  ( Bombay - India )
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